Kaiser Hospital Fresh 48 pictures of baby Boy


Last week I had the great honor of taking some of the first photos of this little guy.. Captured at Portlands local Kaiser Permanente Sunnyside Medical Center. As you can see clearly this little guy has so much love surrounding him.. the joy in this couples eyes as they hold their new baby for the first time.. 

what a sight to see. Being a mom of 2, I understand completely how excited and happy they are. Natalya with Portland Bliss Photography offers fresh 48 newborn sessions that take place within 48 hours after baby is born.  These first moments with baby are so precious for new parents to look back on their new baby for years to come. Moments such as these is the reason I treasure and love my job!. There are days I wish I had done a fresh 48 session for my little ones ( now much older).  It is an honor to be able to captures families most treasured moments. 

Pure and raw emotions and expressions of fresh 48 sessions are not only incredible but beautiful. To see fear, joy, excitement and surprise as a new parents navigate the first few hours of parenthood for the first time. These great sessions are done as a “lifestyle” photo session.

Once I arrive, I observe and look look for those beautiful raw moments and capture them for you to treasure. The exhaustion and pain of labor, to finally see that sweet bundle of joy. Every moment is beautiful and exciting. Every time you gaze at your newborn baby, you melt.. those raw unanticipated moments I love to capture so you can remember for year to come.  Usually a fresh 48 newborn session is scheduled months ahead. Once you are on your way to the hospital I get a call and head out to the hospital. My goal is to preserve these memories for you to enjoy and share with your loved ones. 

My email is portlandblissphotography@gmail.com. Follow me on instagram to see more great images from past sessions.